Become a Personal Stylist

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Whether your clients need an updated closet or help maximising their wardrobe, you are there to give advice, tips and guidance as to make dressing every day easy and fun.

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Enrich your life with the joys of meeting a new challenge while also making men look and feel fabulous. Expand your horizons with new friends and colleagues. And yes, count on truly exceptional support from the pros in our training program, other successful stylists, and managers in the field.

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Create the business model that works for you. Work with a schedule that fits your lifestyle, your needs. Set your own independent goals and enjoy the new and unexpected benefits of being your own boss. With great income that rewards your hard work, we give you the opportunity to be financially successful without the risk.

Unparalleled apparel.

Invaluable connections. Thriving careers.

It all comes together at Hone & Strop with a group of exceptional Stylists who have joined a unique business opportunity: one that is flexible and one that determines their own successes. We strive to empower every stylist by letting them be the CEO of their own business.

What does a Stylist do?

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Personal styling

Whether your client needs a vacation outfit, a new work attire or the perfect suit for a wedding, you are there to help them look their best and feel confident. Give them tricks and tips on how to wear a blazer in three different ways or how to tie a tie. You are their fashion mentor, teacher and friend, giving advice that meets their needs.

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Wardrobe consulting

This is your chance to give your clients a complete makeover. From seasonal transitions to updating outfits, show them how to maximise their pieces into different outfits. Take your knowledge of classic fashion and demonstrate how they can be subtly incorporated into work style and transformed into their individual style.

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Trunk shows

Trunk shows give you the opportunity to shine as a hostess by engaging with clients and informing them about our brand. Present our exclusive collections at your own home or nearby showrooms as private, appointment-only boutiques.

Become a Hone & Strop Personal Stylist